Sorry all of DLE fans! We need to close this website for a short time. We need to earn money to buy new license for this DLE website.

You can go to our facebook fan page to update our news: DataLife Engine Support

You can use DLE null version for testing. If you want to build a big website, please buy the license for supporting the provider.
I saw many DLE support website die (Close host and domain, no new article,.......). But this website WON'T DIE. We are big fan of DLE.
See you soon ~~~ Good luck!

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Someone has initiated contact with you regarding your Privacy Protected domain name

The contact details of the person are -
Name: SoftNews Media Group
Message: The message from the above person is attached to this email.


Dear Sirs,

Your site is based on a computer program «DataLifeEngine». Maybe you do not know, but this program is copyrighted and protected by Russian and international legislation, registered in the registry under №2010612523 computer programs April 12, 2010 the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks. Unfortunately, you use an unlicensed version, thereby violating the author's rights. LLC "SoftNews Media Group" is the holder of an exclusive license to the computer program «DataLifeEngine», according to the contract concluded with the copyright holder№ЛЦ001-1 on April 18, 2013.
Based on this, we ask you to stop infringement of intellectual property rights, namely, use licensed version of the computer software program «DataLifeEngine». To do this you need to pay a license on our website , which costs 3990 rub.
After payment, please, inform us on e-mail: that you have purchased a license for the Program, specifying the domain and account on site for which you purchased the Program. It is necessary to remove your address from the database of illegal copies.
We hope for your understanding and stop of copyright infringement.
Also, the use of illegal copies of our programs can pose a substantial threat to the security of your site and lead to unauthorized access to your site and its malicious user since very often in the distribution downloaded is not officially intruders entered various backdoor, allowing to carry out unauthorized access to the site.
Otherwise, discharging is distributed by fourteen (14) days, we're going to stop the illegal use of your computer programs «DataLifeEngine» and for this we will:
1. we will ask the hosting provider to shut down your site
2. we will be forced to use judicial measures of protection
If you have any questions, you can contact our email

The administration of "SoftNews Media Group"